ParkPlace Parsonage Remodel Photos


The Park-Place Parsonage Project

ParkPlace 6-2017
Thermometer 9700

The upper level of ParkPlace used to be an apartment for the owner of the store on the ground floor. During the past 30 years the alterations, wear and tear have taken its toll. We believe God wants us to remodel a large part of this space into a Parsonage in order for the church to reach autonomy sooner. It could be offered initially to an intern couple working part-time and eventually help a new pastor without the added financial burden of a housing allowance. The tasks at hand will be rebuilding two new bathrooms, the kitchen, the livingroom and new flooring throughout.

Pray with us for the needed funds for the supplies. Over 7,000 €uros was saved on Phase One remodeling downstairs. It's estimated that another €10,000 ($12,000) will be sufficiente to complete the Parsonage Project. Praise the Lord for generous gifts received so far! If you believe God wants you to partner with us, your gift can be sent to account # 0753023 at ABWE, PO Box 8585, Harrisburg, PA 17105 or online for the Samora Portugal Church Building

upstairs covered terrace Living/Dining Room

Pray too for 2 or 3 volunteer teams to come from our partnering churches to help us complete the work. We'd like to start work the summer of 2018, with one team arriving in late summer and another one or two in the fall. Here is a list of some of the work planned: 

1. New plumbing in kitchen and bathrooms    2. New tile in kitchen and bathrooms walls & floors    3. New sinks, tub/shower & toilets    4. New walls made from steel studs and drywall     5. New false celing in living/dinning room    6. New laminate wood flooring in remaining rooms 

Parsonage projected remodel drawing 2
Upstairs kitchen Parsonage old Kitchen